A. Code of Conducts (*)
    1. Comply with government rules and association constitutions.
    2. Prioritize in visitors excitement according to ARKI motto (clean,safe & comfortable services).
    3. Manage businesses with high integrity, to enhance credibility of   association and family  recreation.
    4. Mutual respect and cooperation among members & business partners.
    5. Healthy competition, not harming each other and solve the problem  through Consensus, and;
    6. Not involved in gambling machines and violence.
B. Join ARKI
Ordinary members are individual or corporate with line business of Family Recreation, Manufacturers & Industry Suppliers. Honorary members are Individual or corporate who has given dedication to ARKI development. Every company that meets the above conditions is able to be an ARKI member.
C. ARKI Neon Sign :
Additionally, each ARKI member is required to install ARKI Neon Sign at their operating centers to identify ARKI and Non-ARKI members.
D. Obligation of Member:
Besides complying with the government rules & association constitutions, membership fees are determined by the type of facility:
Joining Fee:                                                   Monthly Fee:
- FEC Indoor                                                   - FEC Indoor
- Theme Park (indoor/outdoor)                         - Theme Park (indoor/outdoor)
- Water Park                                                   - Water Park
E. Application Form

Download Formulir ARKI