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About ARKI

ARKI is formed for the purpose of promoting orderly development and business conduct of Family Entertainment Center (FEC), to represent the common interest of its members in dealing with government agencies, local authorities, organizations, companies, and individuals, on matters relating to Family Entertainment Center operations in the country.

The Association was first formed in 1997 as AMKI (Indonesian Association of Coin Machines). In 2000, the Association was renamed “Asosiasi Rekreasi Keluarga  Indonesia” (ARKI).

Total ARKI members are 24 holdings, with 600 outlets in Indonesia.

In 2014 ARKI has adjusted and improved the association’s constitutions in line with its growing membership members and business natures which include not only Family Entertainment Center (FEC) but also theme parks, water parks, amusement parks, and zoos.

To make recreation park in Indonesia is safe, comfortable and enjoyable for visitors, in order to create an international standard recreational industry

- Provide a forum for discussion of issues in FEC operation;
- Represent the members in matters relating to FEC operation in Indonesia;
- Enable members to act jointly on matters of common interest and to represent members in communications with other members and the public;
- Maintain and foster trade ethics and fair business practice among members, and;
- Foster good relationship and encourage greater cooperation among members